the artful blow off

I don’t remember having any imaginary friends when I was little. My imaginary friends were limited to whatever Boxcar, Babysitter’s Club or R.L. Stine series paperback I happened to be reading. As an unwed, childless 33 year old, I feel like I need to start dreaming up some imaginary friends. For years now, I have

loveaholics anonymous

I think I roofied myself last night. One minute I was home alone watching “SATC 2” with a Not Your Father’s Root Beer and the next thing I know it’s the next morning. I’m certain during the course of the night Ray held a mirror up to my face to make sure that I was still

back to work

It feels like I ran away from home and made it as far as the neighbor’s house. I’m at a new job but doing the same thing I had been doing for the past eight years at my old job, except with a different cast of characters.

love poem

There is only one name written on the walls of my heart. In chalkboard slant I write his name over and over again, like a lesson learned the hard way. I write until his name transforms into a new iteration. I write until my hand numbs. Would that I could erase all the years of lust,

if you feel too much

Meet my new best friend, Jamie Tworkowski, compassionate mind behind TO WRITE LOVE ON HER ARMS. In his new book, If You Feel Too Much, he shares his personal struggles with depression and having a volatile relationship with his father while adoring his mother. An avid surfer, he lives in Florida, just thirty minutes from